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Papaya with Granola

By Denice Hynd RD, MPH

Recipe and Image by Brianda Younggren, MPH 3/2023 

​​Image by Brianda Younggren, MPH


When I say "papaya", you say "papaya", "papaya!", "papaya!".......wooo! Papaya is such a fun word to say, it sounds like a tropical destination or a Latin dance! "Do you want to visit the Island of Papaya?" Or, "Do you know how to dance the papaya?" Ha! So fun, isn't it?


Well, papaya is a fruit that has a significant amount of Vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin that promotes bone homeostasis, it supports proper vision and is extremely high in in fiber! Remember, fiber is a prebiotic which feeds the probiotics in our gut. A balance of prebiotics and probiotics maintains gut regularity and promotes a healthy immune system. In PD, we appreciate any additional bowel support! Lastly, foods that are deeply pigmented are natural antioxidants which reduces our free radical damage, ultimately protecting our nerve impulses and cognitive function. 


Thanks to modern refrigeration, grocery stores commonly offer frozen papaya - ready to eat once thawed, or ready to add to a blender for a frozen or pureed smoothie bowl. Papaya can be found in the 'ready-to-eat' section of some stores, or it can be found in its whole fruit form. The black seeds are to be discarded but the flesh and tender skin are sweet and are similar to a cross between cantaloupe and a persimmon. 


Consider pairing papaya with granola, pureed fruit, spiced warm oatmeal or make it savory by serving it grilled alongside chicken thighs or pulled pork. 

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