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No one has to face Parkinson's Disease alone.

What We Do

Education & Awareness
Part of our mission is education and public awareness — to spread helpful information about Parkinson's disease.  As part of our services, we connect you to informative websites, educational speakers, and other learning opportunities. We also participate in health fairs and collaborate with other agencies.

Upcoming Events


September Recipe!

Oatmeal Cups!

"Oatmeal has natural occurring fiber and protein allowing us to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Fiber (as you may recall) increases the bulk and softens the transition of our bowl movements, helping our PD friends who suffer from irregularity and constipation. These cups are also a great option for when we want a dessert but don't have access to all our favorite treats. Another great idea is to simply dump the uncooked oatmeal straight from the cup into the blender with your liquid of choice for a nutrient dense shake." 

In the News


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