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Medical Providers in Northern Nevada
Northern Nevada Neurologists:


Amity Neurology -  Dr. Yen-Yi Peng           

775) 432-6189


Carson Tahoe Health - Dr. Noorie Pednekar         

 (775) 445-8000

Renown Medical Group -  Dr. Christopher Way - movement disorder specialist

Dr. Jonathan Spivack, Dr. Jennifer Tay



St. Mary's Medical Group - Dr. Joshua Kreiss, Dr. Timothy Louie


Sierra Nevada VA System -  Dr. John Peacock 


Movement Disorder Specialists within driving range (4-6 hours)

Reno - Dr. Christopher Way of Renown Medical Group     


UC Davis Movement Disorder Program

(916) 734-3588

UCSF Movement Disorder and Neuromodulation Center   


Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center of Silicon Valley   


San Francisco VA Parkinson’s Disease Research, Education and Clinical Center


Stanford Neurosciences Health Center - Movement Disorders, Department of Neurology  


Physical Therapists:


Northern Nevada Medical Center Outpatient Therapy

Sedona Shonnard, Kristin Hansen, Heidi Streeter, 

Sparks: 775-356-4960     South Reno: 775-386-2244


Carson Tahoe Therapy - Nina Routon, Isabel Beetley, Kelly Kanter, Jeremy Fisicaro


Renown Rehabilitation Hospital - Sarah Porter, Michelle Higgins     


Eden Home Health of Reno - Melissa Szalay

Carson City: 775-687-1530     Reno: 775-828-1000


Barton Health of S. Lake Tahoe - Tracy Anderson


The Continuum - Michelle Sanders


Mind Body Physical Therapy of Zephyr Cove - Nancy Ng


Advanced Healthcare of Reno - Lisa Copeland


Kindred at Home - Tess Jansse, Andrea Hyde, Scott Shane, Sarah Hockey, Rebecca Goodspeed


Sierra Nevada VA System - Monica Thomas


Speech Language Therapists:

University of Nevada Speech Pathology and Audiology

(775) 784-4887


Carson Tahoe Therapy - Shawn Binn

(775) 445-5757


The Continuum - Bonnie Deach, Leticia Alvizo


Northern Nevada Medical Center Outpatient Therapy- Andrea Parker, Speech Pathologist

Sparks: 775-356-4960     South Reno: 775-386-2244


Eden Home Health of Reno, Carson City and Gardnerville -

Stacey Edgington, Selah Sullivan

Reno: 775-828-1000     Gardnerville: 775-782-6620


Speech Language Therapists:


Summit Voice & Swallowing

Summit Voice & Swallowing is the specialty practice you need when you want quality care coupled with advanced technology—minus the waiting list.


Nutritionists and Dieticians:

University Health - Karen Bain     


Nutrition Connection - Karen Fisher      



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